POLYHUG: luxury accessories


3D luxury accessories

It was born as an innovation project from the collaboration of 4 companies with consolidated know-how in different industrial fields linked by a profound 3D mindset, who decided to join together to develop a new metal product in the fashion-tech sector, as the maximum expression of technology 3D Metal Jet from HP. A systemic project which, thanks to the contamination of different skills – the design for additive (@puntozero), the design of the 3D fashion accessory (@Xyzbag), the production and industrialization of metal alloys and galvanic solutions (@Legor) and the treatments and exclusive finishes (@Lem) – created a product to give shape to the common vision of a new production through additive printing.

However, technology alone is not enough, to achieve concrete advantages it is also necessary to redesign the components to make them suitable for Additive production.

Project objectives

  • Creation of an object with exclusive geometries
  • Optimization of the printing process
  • Customization
  • Creating linked components


Creating an object that is impossible to create with technologies traditionally used in the world of jewellery, optimizing production costs and times.


We have revisited the concept of chain by using different elements and printing them in a single piece.


Components with very complex geometries have been developed not only to manufacture but also to design.


The concept by @xyzbag, born from creativity and sharing, aims to revisit the concept of chain, through a re-design of the base ring.

The single element characterized by 2 side eyelets develops in many geometries with the possibility of combining in infinite variations.

An open project, capable of accommodating multiple customizations and evolutions, transforming into different products, from key rings to bracelets.

Hence the name POLYHUG, a multiple hug that is articulated in space.

The project

The unique added value of 3D technology will make it possible in the future to create every single product already assembled, with consequent reductions in costs and waste.

The interconnected and movable parts are therefore made in a single production phase, which avoids carrying out subsequent welding to join the pieces and create the final accessory, as would normally be done without the use of traditional technology.


@puntozero has managed to enhance its design and development to achieve cost and production time optimization by exploiting the advantages of Additive Manufacturing. Thanks to a specific and qualified approach, he studied the individual geometries with an elaborate and dynamic design with integrated and native mobile systems so that they could be created through additive technologies, unthinkable with other technologies.

@Legor, a company from the Vicenza area, the first in Italy to make use of HP’s revolutionary 3D Metal Binder Jet technology at the service of the goldsmith and fashion accessories markets, thanks to extensive Research and Development work by the Legor team of experts who he dedicates himself to it every day.

This has allowed the industrialization of the product in 3D, optimizing the process through the absence of support structures, and, above all, allowing greater design freedom (particularly for the creation of holes and internal channels), reducing the use of material and rationalizing the space to place many different objects in a single construction volume. All in a short time.

All amplified by the final aesthetic result thanks to the collaboration with Lem Industries Spa, the most important European company committed to the growth and development of companies active in the accessories and finishing sector of the most internationally renowned luxury brands.

Created with the intention of enhancing the technology and performance of steel, all surfaces were treated in vacuum PVD, preferring a Vintage effect to strengthen the modeling

3D printing is an alternative method to classic microcasting that does not require the combustion of waxes or resins, nor the use of plaster, for increasingly sustainable production processes.

Binder Jet technology represents an alternative to current production processes, presenting several benefits:

No need for mold
Production speed (2/3 days)
Quick sampling
Production of multiple pieces, even different ones, during the same cycle
Zero waste: reusable powder at the end of the cycle
Production of interconnected objects or cables without welding

The advantage? Experiment and give free rein to creativity to create exceptional, quality creations, overcoming the limitations imposed by traditional production and giving shape to unique designs, in a short time.

The real added value of 3D printing technology is that of producing each product already assembled, with a consequent reduction in costs and waste.

The project in numbers

Time reduction

2/3 gg

Weight reduction

- 30%

Mass Customization