Design for Additive Manufacturing

The revolution of industrial sectors

Most companies dream of creating revolutionary products, a small part of them turn them into reality thanks to Design for Additive Manufacturing.

“Design for Additive Manufacturing” has made the impossible possible, for a wide range of industry sectors, by companioning traditional methods of product engineering and manufacturing.

Application industries

DfAM applications


Design for Additive Manufacturing is changing the rules of the game in the automotive sector. Thanks to the innovative approach offered by new design methodologies it is possible to reduce the weight of the parts, improve heat dissipation and optimize aerodynamics. The result? Faster, lighter and more efficient vehicles. Furthermore, additive manufacturing technologies allow faster iteration during the development phase, significantly reducing the time to market of new products.

All this not only improves vehicle performance and efficiency, but also opens up possibilities for forging cars and motorcycles with space-age designs. And highly personalized.

Questo non solo migliora le prestazioni e l’efficienza del veicolo, ma apre anche possibilità di forgiare supercar con design spaziali.

DfAM applications

Sports protections​

Athletes require protection that is both comfortable and effective. With Design for Additive Manufacturing, we can create tailor-made protectors that ensure maximum protection while maximizing athlete performance. Thanks to the complex structures with which we engineer your sports protections, we can guarantee their reliability in terms of comfort, innovation and performance.

DfAM applications

Sports protections

Design for Additive Manufacturing is bringing a touch of innovation to the fashion sector too. The possibility of creating complex geometries that are impossible to create with traditional technologies, the speed of production, the possibility of maximizing levels of customization have made those involved in product development in the following sectors fall in love with it: packaging, clothing, accessories, footwear, glasses, jewellery.


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