Innovate, Improve, Solve.

If used optimally, Design for Additive Manufacturing allow you to increase performance and find solutions to hitherto unsolvable problems, creating unimaginable solutions. DfAM makes it possible to transform the opportunities offered by additive technologies into real and concrete advantages.

Additive Manufacturing necessarily leads to a different distribution of the project phases. The linear development of a product with traditional technologies is replaced by a design flow parallel to production. There can be benefits only after the reinterpretation of the development stages.

Additive manufacturing cannot be compared to traditional design techniques, but requires a paradigm shift, a generative and topological design approach that allows you to enhance the potential of these technologies.


Designing a product knowing that you can count on the potential of additive technologies, allows you to take advantage of innovative materials and geometries, engineered to go beyond the limits of traditional techniques.


Using additive technologies for production eliminates the project freeze, allows you to adapt production volumes and update the product with extreme reactivity: even the way of designing must therefore be flexible and scalable.


When the goal is clear from the beginning, the research phase of the best design strategy combined with the right technologies and materials, allows you to have an idea of the development and production costs, already in the setting phase.

Lattice structures

Lattice structures have been applied in fields such as aerospace since the 1970s. These structures can be divided into various fields such as cellular solids, architected materials, TPMS, meta materials, etc…

Generative design

Generative design is one of the concepts that has taken up more and more space in recent years. The generative process is based on more or less complex algorithms that can be supported by artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud service.

Computational design

This is a design mode that has been spreading recently. Similarly to Generative design, it is a technique that includes different methodologies, but mainly involves the computation aspect, therefore the use of practices more in line with the world of programming than with the use of classic engineering software.


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