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The innovative start-up that develops design techniques for Additive Manufacturing is born in Milan​

PUNTOZERO team becomes an innovative startup. We are in Milan, from an idea born by 4 professionals with passion and skills in the world of Additive Manufacturing, an innovative start-up is born. The company develops new design methodologies destined to revolutionize the way in which products are conceived and manufactured, unlocking the full potential of 3D printing.

The zero point in mathematics represents the point of origin of everything, this concept evokes with precision and suggestion the strategic heart of the start-up, which has grasped the turning point reached by additive technologies: to develop new design methodologies to create designed products for additive manufacturing.

Thanks to a mindset detached from traditional design constraints, PUNTOZERO 3D enhances the potential of AM by exploiting the concepts of Generative Design, Topology Optimization, Implicit Modeling, Lattice Structures. These constantly evolving concepts find their highest form of expression in 3D printing technologies.

One of the most fascinating features of PUNTOZERO 3D lies in BIOMIMETICS, an approach to design in which natural processes provide solutions to industrial problems.

In nature, every shape has a function, and this is precisely the concept behind the projects developed by the Milanese start-up, which in the automotive as well as in the aerospace, in the medical sector as in fashion, in the world of sports protection as well as in industrial automation, is inspired by natural optimization strategies for the generation of geometries with specific functions.

The company designs with the aim of modifying the mechanical properties of the materials and the performance of the products, as well as giving an exclusive aesthetic appearance impossible to achieve with traditional technologies.

What is the Vision of PUNTOZERO 3D? Creating better products, helping companies to innovate and solve problems with a design approach outside the traditional schemes.

Additive Manufacturing offers enormous opportunities to companies, reduction of costs and production times, delocalization of production, elimination of tools, faster product development, and many others, the mission of PUNTOZERO 3D is to transform these opportunities into concrete advantages for companies, thanks to a specific design for AM.

Since there are no reference standards, PUNTOZERO 3D will have to trace new engineering paradigms and new design methodologies. Here lies the real innovation: in lateral thinking and in the creation of something that does not yet exist.
The methodologies developed by PUNTOZERO 3D aim to create algorithms to speed up the design flow, create new forms to improve the performance of the product, make it more sustainable, cheaper, and have a concrete impact on a social and environmental level.

PUNTOZERO 3D SRL – Via Larga, 19 Milano –