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We have decided to close this year with 4 short messages to wish you a Happy New Year and to make you curious about what we will do in 2021.

Let’s say hello to the weekly appointment with .ofView to make room for new ideas!

Stay tuned, we will surprise you with new insights.

I have always admired the structure of hives, their global geometry up to that of the cell, passing from the size to the thickness of the walls and then observing the rounded corners. I have had to add points of view to the critical analysis I have of things recently. Now when I look at the hives I see not only geometries but also bees, their method and harmony, their organization and common goal. Our beloved honeycomb is “only” the end of a job, of a mechanism, of a dynamic.

I love seeing things from different points of view, downplaying the big things and elevating the small ones, seeing a doctor as a “mechanic” of our body and a bevel as a macroscopic curvature of matter to extend a contact surface. I love reflective boredom, I despise superficial excitement. Mental elasticity is necessary, just as it is essential to be critical of everything, to have no security and a dose of sensitivity. This is the hidden reason for the birth of my part of .ZERO, the beginning of something that is not common but an inspiration to a standard that will be. I’m not passionate about 3D printing but only about its product.


2020 has been a unusual year for everyone, we had to change habits, ways of living and communicating, we had to change the way we see things and we learned to appreciate many that until yesterday seemed obvious.

Change is often frightening, but when we leave the old and our fear stop, we enjoy the opportunities that the “new” offers us.

Carrying out work, relationships, home or family management always in the same way can not only become boring and not very stimulating but at the same time it even becomes ineffective.

We are advocates of innovation in all its forms, this requires big efforts especially at the beginning, which then repay us for the enormous advantages they allow us to achieve.

.ZERO is the challenge we launched ourselves at the end of this “unique year”, this adventure is bringing out all the determination that is inside each of us, the enthusiasm we put into what we do allows us to transfer it to our customers because our goal is not only to do well what we know but above all is to do something that can bring value to our customers and more generally to the environment.

You have often heard us talking about optimization, technological innovation, additive manufacturing or 3D printing but what we do it is not so clear to everyone. This is obvious when we talk about uncharted terrain or when it comes to test if something that nobody has ever done works, but we like to believe that “If you can dream it you can do it”.

Today we turn to all of you who have followed us since the birth of this project to thank you for believing  and supporting us. We have huge projects for the coming year we will share again with you by exchanging ideas and inventing together something that does not yet exist to give energy and power to what additive manufacturing can do.


The only constant in my life is “change”

2020 was a traumatic year for everyone. A year steeped in uncertainty that has led many to cling only to what we have gone against. It was exactly in such a dark moment that .ZERO was born, perhaps this atmosphere of suspense gave us the push to be able to go against the tide, to be able to create and carry on what we believe in. In Addition to the considerable sense of uncertainty provided by the pandemic the new prospect brought inevitable questions: what do we do? How will we do it? Who are we? With no one telling us how to proceed and how to move forward. Our strength is having believed and still believe so much in what we do, and the power of this thought and our determination has allowed us to move forward.

All in all, summing up at the end, 2020 has also brought, above all, many changes in my professional life, of which I am proud. I wish this example serve us as motivation and determination never to stop, pushed and guided by what we believe, with the hope that in the year that is about to arrive, many young people will be able to achieve what they believe in.


2020 has been a strange year. Everything changed: our lifestyle, our habits and of course our job perception. Among the difficulties, one must find opportunities. A singular point on which pivot many things. In my opinion it has been especially the way one approaches to time.

I realized time is our most valuable resource and during the quarantine, I got the chance to focus on how I was spending it. Just for sake of clarity, I loved my job and the people around me, but a worm was growing inside my head: should I quit to start something new? Something I think is going to make me satisfied more than spending 8 hours (at least) a day at my desk? The answer was YES.

Of course, it is not easy to leave your safe job, in March 2020, in the middle of COVID emergency, especially in Italy, if you are under 30; but the pursuit of doing something more has been stronger than all the rest.

And so here we are. Almost a year later, following our beliefs. Trying to be entrepreneur in a tank of sharks, pushed by our passion, learning things I have never to know expected while studying engineering at university, continuously moving our limits ahead.

I hope 2021 will be like the release of a spring: for us, the payback of our initial bet; for many others, an opportunity to move a step beyond in an easier environment. I wish everyone reading this a wonderful year: keep pushing, even if you are a young dreamer, running your own business in Italy is not impossible, it’s all a matter of attitude.


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